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For You, more than a common saying in romantic Songs

“Been waiting for a lifetime for you
Been breaking for a lifetime for you
Wasn't looking for love 'til I found you”

Most of us have heard the lyrics to this chart-topping song before, but we always associate the meaning with a romantic partner, and never with ourselves. This song is ‘For You’ by Rita Ora and Liam Payne. However, with the new global trend of self-love and self-care, one may choose to associate this song with themselves. When we say for you, we may refer to ourselves instead of a pariah, or another person. Doing positive things for ourselves and telling ourselves 'I did this for you' is how we will start to letting go the heaviness and start loving ourselves by doing things that make us happy. For instance, next time you go shopping, remember to do it for you! Or if you are in a busy week, remember to take some time for you! Actually, the philosophy of focusing on time for you can find some inspiration on Buddhism, the fourth largest religion worldwide, with more than 520 million devotes, 7% of the world population, which has historically been more relevant in South East Asia and India. According to Buddhists, one of the pillars of the path to enlightenment is meditation, which requires the capacity to focus in the present moment and have the time for you to release your mind from the stressful thoughts of a busy daily life. Doing meditation for you is how you will begin to erase feelings of abandonment and pain and become wisdom.

What have you done for you today?

Another thing you can do for you is to get yourself a fancy bouquet, just for you. Nobody deserves your attention as you do, so buy yourself a nice floral arrangement for you, and only for you. Not for anyone else, because people come and go, but you will stay with yourself forever. We are the only true constants in our lives. So remember to work on your own happiness for you. Everything shifts and change is inevitable, but when we hold on and stay true to ourselves, we may find true peace. So, when you choose to love someone, start with yourself. For you, go out of the way. For you, aim for the start. For you, do not settle for less. For you... You deserve it all. So, when you go out and spend time working very hard, remember why you are doing it. Do it for you.

Do it for You first, so that you can do it for others better! Ready?

Once you have mastered the art of self-love and taking actions and decisions for you, you are free to move on to other people. Now, instead of doing nice things just for you, you can do them for others, too! This is the beauty of wholesomeness. Once, you achieve how to care for you, you can share that care with your close friends and family. It must be remembered, though; you cannot spread love until you have an absolute love for you, first.

There are great many ways to share the love with others. When showing affection to a romantic partner, buy them a teddy bear, a flower bouquet or other gift that says “this is for you, sweet heart”. Flower Chimp has a helpful tool for customizing messages on its flower arrangements. On selected bouquets, there is a small card attached. On this card, you may write “99 roses for you, the best girlfriend in the world” and have it shipped to your partner as a romantic gesture. It is small things like this that count the most. Writing “for you” on a card proves to your partner that you are really thinking of her or him. Adding another small message along with “for you” will make the gesture even sweeter. Go ahead and order a gift bouquet for you or for your romantic partner from Flower Chimp https://www.flowerchimp.co.id, anytime, anywhere.

Flowers are also a wise gift choice for parents or other family members and even for friends or colleagues. Make sure they know you are thinking of them by sending them flowers, along with a small note saying “for you.” This tactic can be used with all those you care about and who care for you, as well.

For you and for your loved ones. Send a flower bouquet today!

Remember to love yourself, and watch your life improving over time. Before doing anything, tell yourself that you are doing it for you. Do things for you to improve your overall well being. After doing it for you, go ahead and do things for other people to make them happier, too! Why not starting putting this into practice with a gorgeous flower bouquet from Flower Chimp? https://www.flowerchimp.co.id