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September 29, 2022 3 min read

Whether you've just bought or rented a home, the process of moving into a new place can be exhausting. What better way to congratulate your friends and family on their new home than with a thoughtful and unexpected housewarming gift?

It's up to you to decide what to give the new homeowners as a symbol of your appreciation, it can be anything from useful items to something they can display in their new home.

Despite the fact that housewarming presents can be anything, some people still have a hard time picking the right one. But don’t worry! With any luck, you'll be able to discover the perfect housewarming present for your loved ones in this handy gift guide of ours!

Cutlery Set

Indonesian Housewarming Gift Ideas


During the process of moving, it is likely that you will misplace some of your utensils, such as your forks and spoons. Is it in the box with the pots and pans or the box with the plates? And even if you do manage to find them, it's never the whole set.

Why not make life simpler for the new homeowners by giving them an entirely new set of cutlery? They no longer need to dig among their unpacked belongings in order to find something to eat with.

Anyone who has recently moved into a new house would appreciate the thoughtful gesture of a simple and inexpensive gift like a cutlery set. They are going to think highly of you for making such an effort!

Welcome Doormat

Indonesian Housewarming Gift Ideas


A new homeowner would always appreciate receiving a doormat as a present, especially one that says "welcome." Despite the fact that this may seem like a small thing, it will undoubtedly make an impact that will last a lifetime!

When you first enter anyone's home, the very first thing you will notice is their welcome doormat. Find one that complements the character of your loved ones and give it to them to place in their new house.

Now every time they walk into their new house, they'll surely be reminded of you. And it'll sure be a conversation starter for their guests. 

Flower Vase

Indonesian Housewarming Gift Ideas


Decor makes a house feel more like a home. Give floral vases to the new homeowners so they can start decorating their new home right away.

Vases for flowers are versatile, and you can pick one up at any florist shop or even online. A bouquet of flowers or a thematic centrepiece can liven up a dull foyer or bring a tablescape to life. Flowers given as a token of care or affection leave an enduring effect on the recipient, regardless of the time or place.

It's easy to choose the perfect one for the people you care about, and they'll appreciate having that extra touch of cosiness in any room.

Tool Set

Indonesian Housewarming Gift Ideas


When moving into a new home, you will be expected to reassemble all of the furnishings that you disassembled prior to the move in order to make room for them in the trunk of the vehicle during the move. Consider giving the new homeowners a toolset as a housewarming present because this thoughtful gesture will make their lives easier.

Even though it might not seem like the most ideal present at first, the recipient will appreciate a toolset because it will ease their transition into their new residence and help them feel more at ease there.

Key Holder

Indonesian Housewarming Gift Ideas


Gifting a key holder for your loved ones to use once they move into their new home is a wonderful way to celebrate the occasion of their move. When the new homeowners enter their home, they no longer need to be worried about losing their house keys or car keys because they have a key holder to place their keys.

In addition to its practical utility, a key holder can be a decorative accent in their homes. Also as something that reminds them of you every time they make use of it.