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April 26, 2021 5 min read

Flowershave always been aclassic and thoughtful gift. Most times,flowers are also given to mark an occasion or to celebrate precious moments with your significant other or loved ones. So, it’s only normal for us to feel a little sad when they wilt. But fret not, we’ve found some of theprettiest ways you can get crafty with flowers. Not only would they last so much longer, but they would also make a great collection to add to your memento collectables! 

If you’re into making beautifulDIY crafts as keepsakes orgifts for loved ones, or even if you’re just looking for fresh new ways to make thoughtful items out of real flowers, then this particular read is especially for you! 

Without further ado, here are 10beautiful ways you can get crafty with real flowers!

  1. DIY Art Frames On Walls or for Display

When we think ofgetting artsy and crafty with flowers, the first idea that pops into our minds would always be of them beautifully flattened and made into picture frames as whimsical art displays on the walls. And, honestly…what’s not to like about them?

Want to try your hand at these? Here’s one that’s supersimple and inexpensive to put together, yet super artsy. Depending on your wants and likes,framed pressed flowers can look as minimalist or extravagant as you want them to be.

Come up with theflower arrangement or composition for yourpressed botanicals and leaves. Once satisfied, stick them onto paper and frame them up for display with somewooden frames to give them alovely rustic vibe

If you’re going for a little bit more of a “clean and zen vibe”, you can put yourflowers straight into a clear frame instead. Make a few more of these in different frame sizes and you can hang them all together to showcase as works of art!

  1. Unique One-Of-A-KindPressed Flower Cards
    What can be more personal than putting together a card made out of your loved onesfavourite flowers! Come up with somelovely birthday cards, ‘Congratulations’ cards,‘I Love You’ cards or just anything you have in mind; withflowers you saved from loved ones! It just spells meaningful and thoughtfulness; we promise you it won’t go unnoticed :)
  1. Make Pressed Flower Coasters With Clear Resin
    Want to spruce up your table settings with somebeautiful floral-themed art and craft that doubles into being functional? Get your hands on some white polymer clay-based coasters and some clear resin. 

This would be perfect to lock away yourpressed flowers and keep them in shape forever, while also providing a lovely smooth finishing to lay your drinks on. We say, beautiful, artsy and it definitely makes a great sentimental collection!

  1. Pretty Pressed Flower Bookmarks

Here’s aperfect gift to make for someone who loves books as much as they love their flowers! 

All you need is a nice sturdy paper, cut them into desired bookmark length sizes. Place your selectedflower arrangements onto the paper and stick them on. Once that’s done, just get them laminated and you’re all set to gift them to your loved ones or save some for yourself as personal keepsakes!

  1. BeautifulDIY Floral Phone Cases

This makes for agreat simple gift or even something you could make for yourself if you’re looking toturn flowers into memories and mementoes you can literally have with you all the time. 

If you’re not up to getting into doing too much work, all you need to make thesepretty floral phone cases areclear phone covers and some of your selected botanicals, eitherdried or pressed flowers. Arrange them however you would like them displayed on the inside of the case, once satisfied, place your phone into the case and that’s it! 

If you’re afraid that the flowers may move around after, you can always use some vinyl glue to set them in place before snapping your phone into the case!

  1. InstagrammableDried Flower Wall Display

Speaking ofdried flowers, here’s another way of saving yourflower bouquets and giving them a beautiful display that would make anybody envious of your wall!

Gather yourdried flowers and arrange them from the darkest hue to the lightest. Using a white or a clear thread, hang them in the same order upside down with small hooks to create your ombre feature wall and you’re done. More than justcreating this beautiful aesthetic, the wall would also make for a great photo booth background, too!

  1. Floral Bath Scrubs

These would makeperfect gifts for any occasion, especially if the person you’re making it for enjoys self-pampering blissfulness! 

Not only are these so simple to make, but you can also make several of thesefloral bath scrubs at the same time in minutes, which make thesegreat party favour gift ideas if you’re ever in need. 

For packaging, head out to your local craft store and pick out your cute little jars. While you’re at it, be sure to also get labels for your jars, to either include names or small messages. 

As for ingredients, all you’ll need are: 

1 cup Epsom Salt
1 cup Sea Salt

½ cup Baking Soda

(all combined in a large bowl)

Stir in 20 drops of your preferred essential oils and mix in a generous portion of yourdried flowers. Once done, it’s all ready to be distributed into your jars!

There are so many other ways toget crafty with beautiful flowers, and before we wrap up this lovely list, here are a few more quick mentions!

  1. Turn Your Bouquets Into Lovely Smelling Potpourri!
    Give thatflower bouquet you’ve previously received a new life by placing the petals in a pretty little bowl of potpourri and adding your favourite essential oils. It’s a totally quick and simple way to get your home smelling great!
  1. MakePretty Flower Petal Confetti!
    While you’re at it, you could also make colourful andenvironmentally-friendly confetti fromdried flower petals, too. All you need is just a paper cone to place your confetti in, and you’re good to go!
  1. Art Aesthetic To Go Along With Your Gift Wrapping
    And this one’s a super smart and classy hack that would totally up your gift-wrapping game with minimal effort. Save your smalldried flowers to add as apretty little floral aesthetic touch to your gift-wrapping. Paired with even the simplest and plainest wrapping paper, this would give it a lovelyrustic and bohemian feel!

And there you have it, extremely simple ways toupcycle your flowers and turn them into art or keepsakes that will last longer and mean a whole lot more!

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