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Did you know Menteng earned the nickname as "Beverly Hills" of Indonesia? This is because there are many elite houses in the area. Menteng is a District located in Central Jakarta. Formerly menteng is the first type of villa housing in the city of Jakarta which was developed around the year 1910 until 1918. Menteng is now developed as a city park and in it are often found open parks. The largest park is Suropati Park, located between Jalan Imam Bonjol and Jalan Diponegoro. Then there is Lawang Park located on Jalan Sumenep, Situ Lembang on Jalan Lembang, and Taman Cut Meutia on Jalan Cut Meutia. In this area once stood Menteng Stadium, which has now turned function into Menteng Park.
As one of the famous areas in Jakarta, of course Flower Chimp expand its wings in Menteng. For those of you who live in Menteng area or want to send fresh flowers online to someone who lives in Menteng area, you can order it through Flower Chimp Indonesia.
Remember Menteng, Remember Obama
Menteng name increasingly famous when the former president of the United States, Barrack Hussein Obama was elected president. Former person number 1 in the US was mentioned ever lived and received education in Menteng. Having traced its history, it was discovered that at the age of six, the mother named Ann Dunham married a Indonesian male. That's when little Obama moved to Jakarta precisely to Menteng Dalam. Although not long in Indonesia but Obama had tasted the delicacy of food sold by mobile vendors such as meatballs, fried rice and satay.
Flower Chimp Indonesia- Online Flower Shop Menteng
Looking for a trusted online store? Duh, in the era of all sophisticated and the use of this technological freedom is all the ease is at your fingertips. However, if not careful you could be a victim of online store fraud. Do not worry, if you order flowers through Flower Chimp guaranteed you will feel safe because Flower Chimp is a trusted online flower shop in Malaysia and also Indonesia.
Flower Chimp has a rigorous selection ranging from florist selection, flowers, to courier freight forwarding. This is done so that consumers feel safe and comfortable buying flowers at Flower Chimp. Well, about suitable flowers are given for anything huh?
Send Fresh Flowers to Menteng 
In addition to easy and convenient, payments in Flower Chimp can also be done in various ways such as payment through Visa and Mastercard Credit Card (using MOL, Pay or Paypal). We recommend payment via credit card because this payment process will happen automatically, so we can continue processing your order.